I suppose its important to say that when we decided to make music videos, we ran into the eternal question of who was going to direct¬†them. ¬†Me and Glen no nothing of what a director does, so natural we would do it ourselves. ¬†We wrote down all 9 songs and played rock paper scissors to see who would pick first. ¬†(i think…)


I do remember he won the first round and declared he would direct Dig Dug. ¬†The plan… was… to film a big hole. ¬†But, first we’d have to dig it.



Digging the hole was a team effort.  Everybody did their digging duty, except for me, and Sean, But Glen, maybe Ronnie, and especially Colin pulled through for the greater good.IMG_1502


We’d played the song from that laptop on the chair and tried to mime the lyrics for film but it was fucking impossible to hear the song playing all the way in that hole. ¬†Thats the first thing people gotta understand about holes… they look so much smaller in music videos. ¬†Its a tragedy reallyIMG_1571


Side note: ¬†This is one of my favorite photos I’ve ever takenIMG_1577


look at that wheelbarrow.  Things overflowing.  Its poetry reallyIMG_1546


important side note.  Dig dug was our second music video, but first video done after we finished the album.  We made the similar alien video before the song was finished, weird i know, but, ya.IMG_4790

ps Im in the beanie.  To my right is sean.  He learned his bass parts as we recorded them.  Respect the man.


Dig dug video trivia! *** extra fun**

  1.  The lizard in the video is Glens bearded dragon: George Clooney
  2. at 1:04 is me really fucking pissed at glen cuz he’s getting dirt all over my keyboard. ¬†Believe me theres still fuckin kernels of dirt lurking in the circuits
  3. Sean is not in this video. ¬†Colin isn’t in similar alien video and ronnie isn’t in the next video: Blue flowers. ¬†Why? ¬†thats a topic of heated debate.


Similar Alien and Ron

This is our first video. ¬†We made the similar alien video before we had finished recording the song. ¬†I got off work and went to the garage and Ronnie and Glen were setting up Glen’s old toys everywhere. ¬†This is my favorite video for sure. ¬†Favorite shot is the flashlight comet running away. ¬†I remember tripping out the hardest when we cut in footage of Glen singing with the song. ¬†It was one of those. ¬†“oh fuck, were actually in a band now.” ¬†moments.


Random Pics


Structure to Devotion (in case your wondering)


Filming similar aliens big debut


I was taken from earth


my rig before our first show with all the band members


Ford, Glen, Colin, beer


Digging the fuckin hole

First shows

It was Christmas Eve.  Me and Glen were hanging out in his garage waiting to go see our friends band play.  Randomly Glen decided he wanted us to play the show too. He called up Ronnie and asked the guys. They were cool with it.  If I remember correctly, the songs  we played were: All the Fucking things do,  Pooper scooper dream tunnel, What does the Moon do, and Coolest guy in town. The last two we wrote right before we ubered over.  That was our first show.


Four or five days later we played another show at wayfarer. We played two new songs. Went to the Store and Spaceman. Holy shit!  2 shows in 4 days. It felt like we already had taken over the world.


We told people always that the band was a joke. ¬†We didn’t want to come across as disrespectful the real bands in town with our noise. ¬†And since it was a joke it allowed for some real honest thoughts to be stuck in all the noise. ¬†There was no worry of us being judged for it… It was after all… just¬†a joke.


IMG_3465I met Glen when I was 18, so he must have been 16. ¬†Over the years we became better and better friends. ¬†It was about 2 years ago though, when we started getting to become real close. ¬†I remember him hallmarking the transition by explaining to me that I had made it into his top five friends list or something. ¬†The details are kinda hazy, but I do remember it included his dog Biz, and that Colin was off to the side because of the length they had known each other transcended¬†the friendship ranking. ¬†I couldn’t possibly explain our friendship, but Glen was someone who made me feel more comfortable about living in an¬†uncomfortable world. If I could only get one thing across about him, it’s his ability to put a spin on your perspective. Imagine for a second that you‚Äôre going through life with blinders on. It‚Äôs probably not that far from the truth. Glen could kinda just nudge your head slightly to the left of the frame. The effect was more often than not staggering.

We were in Glen’s Buick one day listening to Gary Numan M.E. and he was singing along to it and I remember thinking, woah‚Ķ Glen can sing. That was my first memory of it all. Maybe like a year later we were bored sitting in his garage. At that point in both of our lifes, we really had nothing going on at all. ¬†Days came and¬†deflated into the next. I had an old Casio that had bounced around my friends, he had a trumpet he got when he was eight or something… and with that, we sat down and wrote our first song called ‚ÄúAll the Fucking Things Do‚ÄĚ. Here‚Äôs a video from that first ‚Äúpractice.‚Ä̬†¬† (Side note: from the beginning we filmed just about everything we did. ¬†How else are you gonna be able to hear how you sound?)


Ronnie came over and we showed him our video. I think maybe he liked the idea more than either of us. I was into it though and was down¬†to play some shows. Glen‚Äôs enthusiasm was less than mine…



At least for now.